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Service Guarantee

We want you to love your hair.

We are here to provide not only satisfaction but true love with your hair!  We try our best with thorough consultations and technical excellence to ensure clients receive what they are expecting.  Many times, a desired look is a journey and only achievable with multiple services and visits. 

In the event that your hair isn’t exactly what you desired please contact us within 48-hours and up to 5 days for a re-do consultation. We will set up a consultation within 48-hours to determine if an error was made.  

If we determine that a client has changed their mind or that it was expressed that multiple steps and services would be needed to achieve the desired look, we will encourage the client to continue on the prescribed path to achieve the desired outcome or possibly prescribe a path back to the original look.

If we determine a mistake was made by our stylist, we will offer to make the adjustments needed to achieve the original consulted look with another service appointment. This appointment will be with the original stylist or another stylist that is the same professional level.  

In the event you had your hair done at anther salon we are no longer able to adjust services. No refund of money is given for services.

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