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Welcome to KMS! We are excited to introduce you to our talented artists and stylists! For your hair style preferences, KMS offers four levels of talent to provide you with options as well as provide a career path for growth and achievement for our team members. Clients may choose the stylist/level that best compliments their requests and desires considering specific skill sets and experience as well as budget. 


At KMS levels are based on REPUTATION, SKILL SETS, EDUCATION & DEMAND. As our stylists grow in each area, they earn the opportunity to be promoted to more advanced levels.


  • Diamond- Master

  • Emerald- Senior

  • Ruby – Designer

  • Sapphire – New Talent 


Master Stylists have really mastered their crafts. They are established, respected, and carry a reputation for excellence that has earned them this title. With years, sometimes decades of experience, advanced education and the highest demand for their services, there isn’t much a Diamond Stylist hasn’t handled in his or her craft. They are leaders in the organization, and experienced mentors who pay their knowledge forward to the future generation of new talent!


Senior Stylists have several years of experience, education, and skill from both behind the chair, as well as through top continuing education. They are well equipped to handle the many intricacies of customized cutting and coloring services. They are also skilled in advanced services, such as extensive color projects and color corrections. At this stage, Emerald Stylists begin to take part in mentoring our New Talent. 


Designer Stylists have moderate experience and are early in their career. They have chosen to expand their knowledge, experience and skills at KMS. They are competent in foundational cutting, styling, and coloring services, and they often collaborate with our Senior/Master Stylists for more advanced services. Designers are working on building their confidence as they sharpen their skills and evolve in their craft. Booking your service with a Ruby Stylist is a great option for those who seek a more cost-effective price point than booking with a Senior or Master Level Stylist.


New Talent Stylists are either in school or have completed their education and are newly licensed. They are gaining and developing the skills necessary to deliver quality services in select areas of their craft and offer a limited menu of services to our clients. These stylists depend on existing and new clients to help hone their skills while being mentored and assisted by Senior and Master Stylists. These appointments may take a little longer and require a little extra patience while they practice and shape their crafts. All services are monitored and examined by Senior/Masters to ensure you are receiving the service and care you desire. Booking your service with a Sapphire Stylist provides you with a cost-effective price point for basic services. 

Assistant stylists are recent graduates, bringing with them the latest techniques, trends, and knowledge acquired during their cosmetology school education.lHaving successfully passed the required exams, they have earned their cosmetology license, which signifies their competence and adherence to industry standards. Booking your service with an Assistant Stylist provides you with most cost-effective price point for basic services. 


No matter what level of stylist you choose, KMS wants you to be completely satisfied with your experience. If you reach the end of your appointment and find you were expecting something different than what you received, please let us know immediately – we are happy to make adjustments so you can leave feeling your best! If you get home and find that it isn’t meeting your expectations and it is within three-days, please give us a call to schedule a time for consultation/re-do.

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