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REF Stockholm-Sweden

"REF is a globally renowned Swedish hair care brand that creates hair products for professionals – by professionals. At the heart of REF is a true passion for creativity, innovation, and high-quality products that really make a difference."  



Let’s talk about the power of REF PROPLEX

Proplex is a vegan and gluten free protein bond building system created by REF to enhance the strength, shine and durability of the hair .

Remember ….hair is made of protein and in order to have healthy hair, shine , manageability and color preservation, we have to have a strong protien base for all of those to happen .


On the left you will notice how frizzy, dry and dull our clients hair was coming in for her appt .

We opted for a root retouch and added PROPLEX to her gloss to refresh her ends .

You visibly can see a dramatic difference Proplex made on her hair in the right picture.

This is only 1 application of the Proplex!

Our REF gloss also contains key ingredients that help the condition of the hair such as:

•Organic Quinoa Protein

•Organic Olive Oil

•Organic Aloe Vera

Proplex treatments can be easily added on to any color service or take place as a stand alone appt as well

At KMS we believe in using the highest quality products that protect and nourish the crown you never take off.

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